Avoid energy price surcharges

All our clients have to report to their national network operator how much electricity they are going to supply to or take from the network the following day, so that the network operator can keep the national grid production and consumption in balance (see maintaining a balance for more information). Even though forecasting is becoming increasingly precise, there will always be imbalances, with shortages or surpluses as a result.

Pool risks in order to reduce them

A party that deviates from its previous day’s reporting, by using or producing more or less than planned, is subsequently charged extra by the national network operator. But if two different parties bundle their reports together, they reduce the risk of there being too great a difference. At PVNED we bundle together the balance reports from lots of different clients. The actual consumption and production ensures there is an evening out, so the imbalance is significantly reduced.

Save millions

All our clients automatically join our imbalance pool. Together this saves them millions in imbalance costs every year.