Self-learning models

Forecasting provides insights into your consumption or production. Our tools use historical data, weather conditions and other information to provide high quality predictions for consumption and production. This gives you better insights into the amounts to buy and sell. But good forecast models cost time and money, and you need specialists to monitor and update them. Tight deadlines in the energy market mean you often need to rely on advanced automation.

Specialist work

We can ensure your predictions are ready on time. Specialists constantly monitor our self-learning models which use various influential factors, historical data and market averages. Because we provide forecasting for multiple clients, you can also benefit from personnel, knowledge and system economies of scale.

Transparent service provision

As with our other services, our forecasting processes and data are fully transparent. We currently provide forecasts for:

  • profiled electricity consumption
  • electricity produced by sun and wind
  • industrial consumption

Our forecast models are suitable for all processes which depend on historical data, market conditions and weather factors.