Buying and selling

Independent buying and selling

If you want to keep full control of your energy account, it is advisable to enter into various long-term contracts with different parties. Market access to the APX (Netherlands) or Belpex (Belgium) power exchanges can be useful for trading in the short-term, to sell surpluses or purchase remaining requirements. This means you determine the price of your electricity and the strategy you want to follow. We take care of all the administration and correct processing for all your transactions in the long term. In the short term (spot market), we can also take care of the offers on your behalf and settle them operationally. You opt for the assistance of a portfolio manager or sales advisor if you wish.

For customers: an effective purchasing process

Making your own purchases and avoiding surcharges from your suppliers adds incentive for proactively dealing with energy supplies. You have the best overview of your unique situation so you can implement your own effective purchasing process. You can then pass on these purchases and possible sales to us for operational processing. We take care of all the handling and harmonize all the necessary operational communication with other players on the market and the network operator. If you have a surplus of electricity in the short term, we can make it available on the spot market for you, either manually or even automatically.

For producers: various customers

It can be very frustrating, as an electricity producer, to have to accept offering discounts on your energy price. These discounts are determined by your customer and based on their perception of the market, your profile and the expected price development. Not much of this sounds like you are in control. You can work more independently by agreeing contracts with various suppliers or possibly selling on the exchange in the short term. Through us, you can sell your electricity to any trading party, for any period, in the short or long term. We guarantee you problem-free settlement of your transactions.