Know your status

The electricity market is constantly on the move. This can result in uncertainty and raise questions such as: Am I buying effectively? Am I getting an honest price? What does my energy price consist of? Can I change my process to get a better price? Why does the market work the way it does? Is my competitor doing the same thing?

We analyze your contracts and quotations

We examine and analyze your consumption or production profile and check if it fits in with your purchasing or sales strategy. We look into your existing energy contracts and offer you options for improving your conditions. If you have received new contract offers, we compare your quotes and also evaluate them against our own benchmark. This will detail the suggested energy prices and offer better insights for comparison. You can then make a well-considered decision about who to enter into a contract with, under which conditions, and for how long.

PVNED Benchmarking, components:

  1. Intake consultation: data, risk profile, strategic framework, operational processes
  2. Profile analysis: analysis of your power consumption values per quarter
  3. Price analysis: analysis of what your current energy prices consist of
  4. Market analysis: comparison of your price with market prices
  5. Purchase analysis: comparison of your purchase price with best practices in the market
  6. Risk analysis: comparison of your profile volatility with the market
  7. End report: presentation of the outcomes, advice, and possible next steps

More than just the best price

The time when it was possible to simply negotiate the best price per MWh is a thing of the past. It no longer necessarily results in the lowest costs or highest revenues. With our vast experience serving large-scale consumers and producers, we can provide you with an insight into energy suppliers’ pricing desks. We can also guide you through the world of surcharges and discounts for price, imbalance and credit risks. Only by factoring in all these aspects can we guarantee you a good benchmark.