DELTA can perform services for multiple players on the market thanks to PVNED, who monitor the quality of data flows. By outsourcing to PVNED, DELTA also makes substantial savings on its IT infrastructure. Other economies of scale improve their competitive position on the Dutch and Belgian markets even further.


DONG energy

DONG Energy entered the Dutch energy market with competitive rates right from the start. The company was able to concentrate on growing its clientele thanks to outsourcing.
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Elexys is a relatively new Belgian supplier that has won a place on the market very quickly, partly thanks to facilitation from its balance responsibility through PVNED. Elexys is fully focused on growing its client database instead of administrative tasks which do not provide any added value. Elexys can extend the transparency of PVNED’s service provision all the way through its own services.



Eneco takes advantage of our large pooling capacity to offer its own clients competitive prices. PVNED’s confidentiality and independent operation improves Eneco’s competitive position without compromising its own business model. This enables Eneco to continue distinguishing itself on the Dutch and Belgian markets.



HVCenergie trades on the wholesale market and sells its electricity at the best possible price; not linked to a fixed contract with a single buyer.
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Lampiris has been challenging the Belgian electricity market’s established order for many years. Our pooling services have enabled them to compete better, partly thanks to a reduction in imbalance costs.