Electricity suppliers

Shared Services

A number of regulated administrative obligations are the same for all electricity suppliers. Having them taken care of in our shared service centre means you can free yourself from a number of non-competitive processes and save operational costs. New electricity suppliers can economize on investment in automation and concentrate fully on their sales. Existing suppliers can also outsource these operational tasks and focus on their core activities.

More accurate forecasting

PVNED is characterized by the quality of its data and stability of its IT systems. If you experience any problems with the quality of your forecasting, or if you don’t want to perform this task yourself, you can outsource this process to us. Among other things, we will use consumption data to better predict your future consumption. Accurate contract and profile management is increasingly important for cost management, especially now that clients are changing supplier more regularly.

Our service provision:

  • Balance responsibility: we can take over your obligation to submit your projected next-day consumption to the national network operator (Programme-Responsibility for TenneT in the Netherlands, Access Responsibility for Elia in Belgium)
  • Forecasting: we provide detailed forecasting of your offtake based on your clients’ user profiles and measurements we receive, such as historical consumption or weather data. More accurate forecasting reduces your risks and related costs.
  • Trading on the exchange: we buy or sell your electricity on the spot market (APX, Belpex) in accordance with your instructions, and take care of all the administrative processing for your transactions with all your trading parties. We also place conditional orders, such as limit orders, in accordance with your instructions. In exceptional cases, for example in the event of unexpected technical maintenance or if clients have a major problem, we act on the intraday market on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Pooling: as a client you automatically join our imbalance pool. If another PVNED client’s supply is overestimated, and your supply is underestimated, or vice versa, we automatically balance out this difference, without any added administrative work, and with lower imbalance costs for you.

We provide all these services for clients in Belgium and the Netherlands. British electricity companies can also take advantage of our pooling service.