Electricity producers

Go for the best market price

New and alternative electricity producers are playing an increasingly important role in the energy market. They are producing more and more power from wind, sun, biomass, heat and waste incineration sources. They usually sell their entire production through very long term PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements), and do not trade electricity in the middle or short term. This means they don’t always get the best market price.

Know your sale price structure

If electricity is an important source of income for you, we can provide a clear understanding of how your price is calculated. Reports on the production, consumption, risk premiums, costs and revenues give you more control over the potential incomes for your company, and you can use this added knowledge to set yourself up more independently with regard to your customers.

More freedom for customers

More knowledge gives you as a producer the possibility to play a more active role in the electricity market. You can create greater margins for your electricity by agreeing different types of contracts with one or more customers, and even possibly trading some of your own production on the daily markets.

Our service provision:

  • Balance responsibility: if you trade you own electricity, we can take over your obligation to correctly submit your expected next-day production volume to the national network operator (see maintaining a balance for more information)
  • Forecasting: with our knowhow and access to all sorts of market information, we can better estimate your production in advance, even if you are reliant on external factors such as the weather
  • Trading on the exchange: we sell your electricity on the spot market (APX, Belpex) in accordance with your instructions, and take care of all the administrative processing for your transactions with all relevant parties. We also place conditional orders, such as limit orders, in accordance with your instructions. In exceptional cases, for example in the event of unexpected technical maintenance, we trade on the intraday market on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Pooling: as a client you automatically join our imbalance pool. If another PVNED client overestimates their production, and your production is underestimated, or vice versa, this difference is automatically balanced out, without any added administrative work, and with a financial benefit for you.

We provide these services for clients in Belgium and the Netherlands.