Balance and grid operators

Outsourcing balance responsibility

You can have all your balance responsibility for purchases such as for transport losses, performed fully independently in our shared service centre, which in most cases will result in a lower risk premium.

Become a part of our imbalance pool

Even if you forecast as accurately as you can, it is actually never possible to have your purchases and sales in full balance at every point in the day. There will always be imbalance costs from Elexon, TenneT or Elia. Becoming a client and being a part of our imbalance pool can reduce these costs. The many producers, suppliers, large-scale consumers and the balance responsible parties who run all their sales and purchases via our pool ensure an evening out of the imbalance, which ultimately results in lower costs.

Our service provision:

  • Balance responsibility: we take over the Balance Responsibility for Elexon in the United Kingdom, the Programme Responsibility for TenneT in the Netherlands and the Access Responsibility for Elia in Belgium, in a beneficial outsourcing model
  • Pooling: as a client you can automatically become a part of our imbalance pool and reduce your imbalance costs