A better price for your electricity

We ensure that our clients can manage, buy and sell electricity at a better price via outsourcing and pooling. You determine how much responsibility you want to take on yourself and which affairs you want to outsource to us. A modular structure of services means we can customize our provision to all types of customers in the electricity market, from large-scale electricity consumers to suppliers, producers and network operators. We can customize our service for anyone who sees electricity as their core activity, or as their most important secondary activity.

The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Belgium

PVNED started its service provision in the Netherlands at the start of 2005. Commercial activities started in Belgium in 2009, and since 2013 we have also been working in the United Kingdom. Our client portfolio, the breadth of our service provision, and our organization have grown quickly and in a well-managed and structured way.

Embedded in the energy market

Parent company PVNED Holding is a Dutch limited company situated in Goes, the Netherlands. PVNED Holding owns all shares in the subsidiary companies ARBEL NV (Belgium), PVNED BV (Nederland) and PVNED UK Ltd. (United Kingdom). DELTA Energy and Eneco Energy Trade each own 50% of shares in PVNED Holding. As shareholders, DELTA and Eneco are also regular customers of PVNED. This creates a strong link between PVNED and its shareholders without threatening PVNED’s independence. PVNED only provides services for third parties and trades neither for itself nor for its shareholders.