PVNED is a compact organization which operates internationally with fast communication between its four client-oriented departments:

Business development

This department develops products and services, explores new markets, and works towards solid development for our company. Our business development specialists’ motivation is to serve PVNED better. They are your ideal sparring partner for partnerships, collaborative links and new ideas.

Sales & account management

Thinking together with you, providing tailored solutions, and your satisfaction are crucial for us. Our sales & account managers are your point of contact who are responsible for clear and straightforward communication with you and other relevant parties.

Portfolio analysis

The portfolio analysis department works on optimizing offtake and production forecasts for our clients every day. Their aim is to reduce your imbalance costs to a minimum.

Data management

Our data analysts are responsible for the constant monitoring of all data processes and nominating the purchase and sales orders for our clients day and night. The optimization of data flows between PVNED, the electricity market and its clients is central to providing the relevant parties with all the correct details on time.